About Us

Vintage Motoring is an online community dedicated to Southern California’s classic car culture. We are car nuts of every kind who enjoy discussing, restoring and especially driving all types of vehicles from brass era to European sports cars to American muscle.

This is not a club, nor is it a business. We are simply a collection of nearly 400 guys and gals who appreciate all forms of automobiles from eras past. We hope you decide to stick around and join the fun!

Joining the discussion forum is simple and completely free!


Vintage Motoring was started in the Summer of 2006 as a web forum for Southern California’s British car enthusiasts, called “So Cal British Motoring”. Our driving events drew in cars of all types and it was soon realized that the forum needed to expand to include these cars and their owners. The result is the current Vintage Motoring web site which not only includes discussion forums as before, but also technical articles, news from the local car scene and other resources to help promote our hobby for future generations.

The team:

As of now, Vintage Motoring is a one-man operation. I am looking for an experienced web designer who would be willing to assist with site design and upgrades. This stuff takes a lot of time that I don’t always have, especially with a garage full of old machines to care for. Please use the Contact page for all offers of assistance.

The photo:

Occasionally, the question comes up asking about the photo at the top of the page. It was taken by the webmaster's better half during a trip up the California coast. The image show a group of T-Series M.G.s traveling through the redwood forests on their way to Oregon in 2006.