Trying to prevent a future "ran when parked" sale

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Trying to prevent a future "ran when parked" sale

Post by Fifty Six MGA »

Is any one still using this forum?

My MG has been sitting for probably 2 or 3 years now. Sadly I can't even remember. It was running when I last parked it, but stumbling a little bit at idle. I tried to start it about 2 months ago and couldn't get it to start.

Between the kids getting older and having more activities, Covid
(we bought a trailer and lived largely on the road for 12+ months, was the silver lining to the weirdness), and me building a semi-successful business selling popsicles, and my wife having a very demanading job that involves a lot of travel, I just haven't found the time to spend any time with the MG. But everytime I open the garage and see it sitting there, I miss driving it.

We are not rolling in money, but budgets aren't as tight as they used to be.

Do I sell it? Either wait and buy another one when my schedule opens up in 8-10 years (we aim, and are working hard, to retire at 55), or buy a nicer restored one now? Or replace it with something with a backseat? If I could fit the family, maybe it would get driven more, even if just for quick runs to dinner or the occasional school run.

I had a 72 BMW 2002 tii for a short while and enjoyed that.

Alternatively, anyone know a good mechanic in so California? Malcolm used to help me, and when he moved I never really found anyone. I have tow coverage for 125 miles, so distance isn't really an issue. Maybe I drop it off somewhere and have them getting it going and give it a thorough once over. I could still use it for fun drives and driving to work on occasion.

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Re: Trying to prevent a future "ran when parked" sale

Post by Steve Simmons »

Hey Geoff, nice to hear from you, and I'm glad to hear you're doing well. I don't know that I can advise you on the MGA since it's really more of a personal decision, but I say if you love it then don't get rid of it since the money you'll get from selling an MGA would be nice but not life changing. Buying a better one isn't a bad plan unless you're emotionally attached to the one you have. Sorting out the one you have is the cheapest option but only if you do the work yourself, and since you don't have time then it could cost thousands for a shop at $100+/hr to fully go through it and make the car totally reliable.

A friend was going to sell his old VW that he had forever and asked my advice. What I told him was this... If you walk out tomorrow and there's nothing but an oil stain on the ground where your car used to be, would you be sad? If the answer is yes then don't sell it.
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Re: Trying to prevent a future "ran when parked" sale

Post by tannyo »

If you decide to sell it, how much do you want?
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Re: Trying to prevent a future "ran when parked" sale

Post by darkleaf »

Oh wow, I replied to your post on reddit without knowing it was you. Definitely keep the MGA. You would regret selling it.
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