More New Bills of Concern

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More New Bills of Concern

Post by Steve Simmons »

This just in! In addition to AB859 (which has its own discussion thread going on) here are a few more proposed bills to be aware of...
AB 986 Mendoza-D
If a citation was issued for participation in a speed contest, exhibition of speed, or reckless driving, even if on private property, the vehicle would be impounded and inspected for any modifications for speed. A permanent notation on the title and an additional yearly registration fee of $30 would exist thereafter, if found to have any modifications for an increase in speed beyond how it was manufactured. These violations would be subjective and in the opinion of the enforcing agent.

AB 1342 Evans-D
Would allow the county supervisors of any county to impose either a personal income tax or county vehicle license fee or both. This being collected by the Franchise Tax Board, and the DMV.

AB 1135 Skinner-D
Would require the owner of a vehicle upon renewal of the license each year to report the vehicle's mileage. This data would be public information. (The state needs this to be able to place a fee per mile, which was contained in SB 501 and was passed into law about 10 years ago but not enacted)

Please contact your state assembly and senate representative and express your disapproval!

To find out who your representative is, visit or look in the front of the phone book.
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Re: More New Bills of Concern

Post by spitfire »

since 986 is subjective and up to the officer inspecting I wonder how cars that offer small performance upgrades for a fee will fare. Since its not exactly stock, but is OEM. Or say the last Saleen Focus that was modified with a nitrous hookup but no bottle (Adding and using the bottle would void the warranty) then sold at Ford dealers.
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Re: More New Bills of Concern

Post by Nunyas »

the even on private property bit is what gets me on that proposal... That's basically saying that you can be cited and impounded for racing at a race track.... WTF?!?!? is THAT about?!? THAT IS THE MOST OBSURD CRAP i've ever heard....
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