Locally Sourced Coil: Alt to Pertronix ?

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Locally Sourced Coil: Alt to Pertronix ?

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I need to replace my bad coil today.
Currently using Pertonix 40501 but can't wait for shipping. Car is my daily driver.

Can anyone tell me an alternative I can find at the usual Azone, Pboyz, etc. (FWIW, called PB, NPA an no one seems to carry Bosch Blues either??) Independent shops are closed today :(

Thanks !
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Re: Locally Sourced Coil: Alt to Pertronix ?

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What did you wind up using ? .

The coil you choose , depends on the System be it Pertronix or OEM , whatever :

The voltage feed determines the coil you want as the basic resistance across the small posts is critical and failure to follow this is what kills 99 % of the Pertonix failures you hear about .

If the car is 6 volts or has ballasted ignition , use a 1.6 Ohm coil , IE : ask for '75 Chevy V-8 coil @ NAPA and pay the extra $2.00 for the better , epoxy filled ~ one it'll outlast you and the car .

If the car runs straight 12 volts to the coil , you'll want a 3 Ohm coil like for a '69 MGB or a '74 VW Beetle

The epoxy filled coils tend to last longer as they're vibration resistant .

I've only ever found a couple bad ignition coils , mostly Lucas aluminum ones ,
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